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Despite the gloomy weather, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! 🎄
In love with my new watch!
Made strawberries & cream gradient cake (:
I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. #bitchesaintgotnothingonmynewiphonecase #harrypotter #maraudersmap #happy #photooftheday #love #mischiefmanaged
Decided to #stud my #iPhone ;)
Yummy #macarons from #adrianozumbo on #zumbaronday! #dessert #sugar #foodporn #instacollage (Taken with Instagram)
I finally got a new phone! The iPhone 5 ;) I am absolutely swooning over a technology product…
Delicious macarons from Zumbo! Left to right: Salted butter popcorn, salted butter caramel, custard crunch, chocolate donut

Kill me now.

Uni assessments are killing me… So yeah, sorry for being slightly dead. Promise I will post more once these asshole assessments are over! I JUST WANT BREAK TO BE HERE ALREADY OH MY GODDD.

Mucking around with my sister (:

Bloated as fuuuck

Came home stuffed to the brim after eating like there was no tomorrow at yum cha - I looove the mango pudding and mango pancakes at yum cha! And not to mention we bought coconut milk tea after walking around Cabramatta - THERE WAS TOO MUCH ICE IN IT THOUGH. Majority of it was ice :( Anywayyy, just had a tonne of congee and fried wontons for dinner… I LOVE CONGEE SO MUCH.

WOO I BOUGHT JEFFREY FUCKING CAMPBELLS. They are so amazingly comfortable like omg. Initially I just wanted to go to Bondi to try the sizes on because I wasn’t sure about purchasing them online at Solestruck without trying them on first… But then it only cost like $9 more and I wouldn’t have to wait for shipping so I was like WHY NOT. They did cost a fortune but the fake ones just didn’t cut it. So yeah, story of my life about how I spend money on shoes…

I’m loving JC Litas at the moment - unsure of whether I should get a pair though because would I be able to pull them off?

On a completely unrelated note, I love you all my dear followers! And thank you to all my new ones as of late (: xxx

Currently eating dried mango yummmooo

Valentine’s Day is coming, time to spread to love (: